Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hi everyone!

Here is a quick post to show you some pictures from our trip to Florida! I had so much fun! It was very nice to feel the sun again and to wear shorts. I am thankful to Grandma Cashman for giving us such a nice vacation. It was hard to go back to all the snow in Minnesota!

Relaxing in the sun in Florida on a vacation.
Playing with Natalia!

The best sandcastle ever!

Deciding the water wasn't quite warm enough...

Enjoying the sunset

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Successful First Session of School


Manuel completed his first English session at Global Language Institute! Matt, Manuel, and I met with his academic advisor at the end of the session to touch base on his progress. She only had positive things to say about him. She noted that he is a very motivated and hard working student, but of course, we already knew that! Manuel's teachers have seen an increase in his confidence as he is asking more questions and in general speaking more English in class.  After school Manuel spends a few hours each night studying including reviewing vocabulary, working on papers and presentations, and preparing for quizzes and tests.

Besides going to school and studying, we have been busy! Manuel has braved our outdoor hot tub even succumbing to a dare to jump out and roll in the snow. He has joined a competitive soccer league, which is a nice chance for him to be active and meet new people.  We are all enjoying going to the Spanish mass at St. Odilia, and Manuel is increasingly becoming involved in the community there. And of course, he spends lots of time playing with Eli and Natalia!

We have started the application process for Fall 2016 semester at Century College. Manuel will be attending an open house tonight as well as meeting with an advisor there. While we are still considering other community colleges, Century seems to be a good fit for Manuel. He has already made a connection with the head soccer coach there!

Thank you for your continued support!

Manuel experiencing his first big snowstorm.
Appreciating Minnesota's beautiful nature despite the cold!
Manuel on his first day of school at GLI. He was a little bit cold and nervous!