Monday, January 11, 2016

First Week of School!

Hello friends!  
I have been enjoying my past few weeks here in Minnesota, learning about a little bit of everything.
My first Christmas in Minnesota was very exciting, because I got to know so many people, and got a lot of presents!  I felt a lot of care and appreciation of me from each one of the people I met.  Although there have been many changes, like new food, new experiences, and new ways of living, I already feel comfortable here!  I love ice skating and sledding, and I discovered that I really like salmon, and the many different kinds of salads and fruits here.
I started an intensive English program at Global Language Institute this past Monday.  The first day was hard, with everyone only speaking in English, but I am already feeling more relaxed and confident.  Although it is hard, I am up for the challenge!
I am going keep studying hard, and will update this blog in a few weeks when I finish my first session of English.
Thank you all so much for your confidence in me and your support and care,