Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Graduation from Global Language Institute

Hello my wonderful friends,

     I am so happy and thankful for how many things I learned these 4 months in my school. I graduated from GLI (Global Language Institute) last week. I took my last test there, and I feel so proud of how my English improved. Last Friday was my graduation and I received an award for being one of the best students. The award was called the "most outstanding student." My teachers said that I had the best presentations, made the most improvement, and worked the hardest. It was wonderful! All of this is thanks to you because of your help, and I will always feel truly thankful for you.

      In those past 4 months I learned at school things like English grammar rules, slang, and how to pronounce many words.  I learned about lots of others important topics such as idioms, and I believe that it was the topic that I liked most. 

       Now that I finished in GLI my goals for the summer are to continue learning English by myself and with my family here. In the summer I will be reading books, watching movies and listening music to help me to improve and develop my English skills even more but overall, my big goal is try to speak all the time. 

       I think that I learned fast from being at GLI. Now I can write essays, and I can understand when I read and when people talk to me. Sincerely I need to just improve my speaking more and my pronunciation, but I will improve that. It is my main goal at this time. 

       Also, I want to thank you because I felt very good when I studied in GLI. I learned in an easy way, I met many friends, I learned a little about their countries, and it was a wonderful experience! It felt good to work hard because so many people like you with great hearts were supporting me. I am very thankful.

       In the summer time I think that it will be wonderful because we will go to Colorado for 5 days to visit family. Also, we will go and we will spend lots of the time at the lake at Pine Island. I always am looking forward to playing soccer, and I believe that in the summer time I will play more than now. More importantly, I will keep studying and practicing English every day to be prepared for when I start college at Century in August. This is so exciting for me and it's all thanks to you my friends. I want to sincerely thank you so much.

love, Manuel

(Side note from Matt: This post was written and edited 100% by Manuel!)